PHASE I - Program Development

1. Campus Enrollment

  • Complete and submit Supplemental Information Packet; including
  • Develop marketing and recruitment plan
  • Establish collaborative relationships with financial aid, academic advising, career services and other student support systems

2. Recruitment

  • Capmpus determines student eligibility through Pell Grant
  • Campus partner distributes pre-survey through campus email
  • WACC establishes recruitment lists and sends to host site
  • Supervisor/Recruiter recruits 20 students for Graduation Project

PHASE II - Program Implementation (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

3. Student Enrollment

  • 20 Students complete project paperwork and receive project orientation 

4. Cohort Convenes

The Learning community will be focused on intentional, high impact, value-added interventions that immerse students in interactive, social, and collaborative experiences.

  • Orientation to the Learning community
  • Number of times:         Minimum once per month.
  • Duration:                        Academic Year
  • Best Practices & Activities: orientation, reflection, service activities, topical discussions, field trips, group service (national days of service), participant recognition, effective communications.

5. Service and reflection

Service will involve students in their community and foster an ethic of civic responsibility.

  • Number of times:         Minimum 3 hrs. per week or 90 hours total
  • Duration:                        Academic Year
  • Type of Service:             Service to disadvantaged children,  youth, adults, vets and military families
  • Sample service:             Mentoring, tutoring, food bank, resume development support

6. Leadership Training

Leadership Training will provide students with the skills for future jobs and to serve their communities. 


  • Number of times:        Once during academic year
  • Provided by:                 WACC

7. Academic and Career Advising

Academic and career advising provide services to assist students to integrate academic planning and career decision making and achieve academic success.  

  • Number of times: Minimum 3 times per academic year
  • Type of service: Group (orientation) & Individual 

PHASE III - Assessment (Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Fall 2014)

  • WACC student assessment pre and post survey
  • Initial Progress Report
  • Final Progress Report
  • Follow-up data collection - Fall 2013, Fall 2014