Invoicing Procedures

  • The Subcontractor shall submit an Inter-Agency Invoice Voucher (Form A-19) or official University/College invoice for allowable expenses (as documented in your final approved budget)to be incurred in the program implemtation.
  • The A-19 or college/university invoice submitted for payment shall clearly indicate that they are “FOR SERVICES RENDERED IN PERFORMANCE UNDER WWU/WACC SUBCONTRACT # _______ (Found at the top of your subcontract)
  • Include the Interagency Agreement Number on each invoice voucher (Note: Your Accounting/Business Office will know what this number is and will to include it on the A-19 invoice)
  • Include the signature of an authorized fiscal agent.
  • Include supporting expenditure detail: statement of services performed and purchased goods.
  • Include backup documentation: these include copies of receipts, invoices, and source documentation for each expenditure. Copies of original detailed invoices or itemized receipts must be provided for all goods and services purchased. Our funder will not accept credit card receipts that do not show what was purchased, and cannot accept credit card statements as documentation.
  • Time and effort reporting must be backed up by budget sheets (such as "banner reporting").
  • The last invoice must be submitted by June 30, 2013.

Other important invoicing information:

Angela Mischaikov
Assistant Director of Internal Operations
Washington Campus Compact
C/O Western Washington University
516 High Street, MS 9101
Bellingham, WA 98225

Questions? Call Angela 360-650-4251

  • Reimbursement for Food Expenses at meetings:

    1. Stay within $8 per participantfor food.
    2. Include a sign in sheet for the event
    3. Include copies of food receipts
  • The original A-19 or college/university invoice shall be mailed to: