Connect2Complete (C2C) is a program of Campus Compact supported by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. C2C works with nine community colleges in Florida, Ohio and Washington to utilize peer mentoring and service-learning to support the most vulnerable community college students in achieving academic success and engaging with their peers, the college and the broader community. Washington Campus Compact provides support to participating Washington C2C campuses by creating learning communities, providing training/networking opportunities, seeking funding to help sustain C2C programs at Washington state community colleges, and disseminating C2C impact results to stakeholders.

Goals of the Washington C2C program:

  1. To assist low-income, underprepared students enrolled in at least one developmental education course in persisting and ultimately completing their community college degree and engaging with their community.

  2. To create a statewide learning community of campuses and stakeholders committed to improving completion of low-income college students enrolled in developmental education courses.

Participating Washington Community College campuses:

  1. Big Bend Community College

  2. Edmonds Community College

  3. Green River Community College

Basic C2C Intervention Model:

Utilize two primary strategies in a course-based C2C model that serve low-income, under-prepared students enrolled in at least one development education course:

  1. Peer Advocacy: existing successful students (peer advocates) mentor C2C students

  2. Peer-Assisted Service-Learning: Developmental education/ college success faculty, supported by peer advocates, utilize service-learning - a classroom based teaching pedagogy.

What do current Washington C2C participants have to say?

C2C Student Profiles

  1. Jessica Garcia - Big Bend Community College

  2. Natalie Aguilar - Big Bend Community College

  3. Allia Emerson - Edmonds Community College

  4. Crys Donovan - Edmonds Community College

  5. Johnny Padilla - Green River Community College

Peer Advocate Profiles

  1. Hannah Chisholm - Big Bend Community College

  2. Jose Sanchez - Big Bend Community College

  3. Miraclejoy Curtis - Big Bend Community College

  4. Tim Paulson - Big Bend Community College

  5. Danilo Bustamente - Green River Community College

Faculty Profiles

  1. Jerry Workman - Big Bend Community College

  2. Daniel Griesbach - Edmonds Community College

  3. Steve Kinholt - Green River Community College


    C2C Peer Advocate videos