Program Supervisors

CAC Program Supervisors are the agents of the subgrant between WACC and your campus program. All administration of the program must be completed by the CAC program supervisor including the creation of the partnerships, supervision of the CAC member, all administration of the programming including budgeting, time log approval, weekly one-hour meetings with member, writing of AmeriCorps proposals/continuations, AmeriCorps enrollment/exit paperwork, program assessment/evaluations, and other administrative tasks as defined on the CAC program website. CAC Program Supervisors work closely with the CAC Program Director in the administration of the CAC program on the subgrantees campus and open lines of communication between CAC Program Supervisors and the CAC Program Director are very important especially in regards to program compliance (especially non-displacement policy) and performance.

CAC Program Flowchart

College Access Corps Framework

CAC Required Components (PDF Version)
CAC Performance Measures
General Grant and Cooperative Agreement Terms and Conditions

2017-18 Program Calendar: WA / OR

The Three Phases of the Grant Year

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