Information for Partnerships

Partnership Flyer (legal sized flyer)

The College Access Corps (CAC) program thanks you for partnering with one of our CAC member campus programs to help serve economically disadvantaged youth.  Below is some basis information about the College Access Corps program.  You can also learn more about the College Access Corps program by reviewing the College Access Corps program web site .

What is the College Access Corps?
The Washington Campus Compact "College Access Corps" grant is a grant funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) that supports local economically disadvantaged (ED) 4-12 youth to:

  • Become more academically engaged in their education.
  • Increase academic preparedness for post-secondary education.
  • Become more knowledgeable about the college application and financial aid process.

The College Access Corps grant allows selected member campuses, non-profits, or 4-12 institutions to place an AmeriCorps member to help coordinate college access programs in their local communities.  AmeriCorps members will recruit and train college students from their campuses or participating campuses to act as college access coaches to economically disadvantaged youth in schools, community agencies, or to student groups, that have a student population that is at least 50% eligible for the federally-funded free/reduced lunch program.

College Access Corps requirements Partners should be aware of:

  • It is our program’s expectation that the agent of our sub-grant and the college/university, the CAC Program Supervisor, initially develops, whether formally or informally, the partnership and then introduces their College Access Corps member to coordinate the College Access Corps program at your school or institution.
  • At least 50% of the youth our CAC member serves must be income eligible for the federally funded free/reduced lunch program
  • On average, our CAC members serve between 80 – 100 ED youth each during their term of service.
  • The CAC member is required to provide at least 15 hours of college access intervention to participating youth and the 15 hours must include age appropriate college access components as detailed in the CAC Logic Model.
  • The CAC member must administer a CAC pre-program survey at the beginning of their program and a CAC post-program/retrospective survey after 15 hours of college access interventions.
  • For auditing purposes, CAC members must keep track of a youth’s 15 hours of college access interventions on a CAC College Access Intervention Spreadsheet.
  • CAC Program has three performance measures:
    • Number of students who start in the College Access Corps (CAC) program
    • Number of students who completed at least 15 hours of college access intervention as part of the CAC program
    • Number of students who participated in the CAC program with improved academic engagement
  • CAC members are required to periodically post program updates on our College Access Corps Facebook page
  • CAC Members are required to recruit at least 40 volunteers (cannot include volunteer coaches) for National Days of Service (ex. Make a Difference Day, MLK Jr Day of Service, or other) and other community service events.
  • CAC Member will create a sustainability plan/binder, with oversight by their CAC Program Supervisor.  The Sustainability Plan/Binder that can be handed to the next CAC member the following year.

If you have further questions about the College Access Corps program, please contact the CAC Program Supervisor you’ve been partnering with or CAC member serving your school or institution.  It is important you understand the above CAC requirements Partners should be aware of before a CAC program is implemented at your school or institution.