College Access Corps Assessment

3 Step Assessment Process:

NOTE1: The CAC program must match pre/post program surveys with each individual youth through the use of the youth's name or coded survey number (ex. WWUShuk002)

Step 1 - Gather the Data

Assessment Tools appropriate for:

Step 2 - Tally the Data (Use the information in your "6 folders")

  1. Use the CAC Tally Spreadsheet to tally all the survey data and use the CAC Retrospective Tally Spreadsheet for the final progress report. (Note: Make sure to seperate out the original assessment tool data from the updated assessment tool data).
  2. Use the CAC College Access Intervention Spreadsheet to track students fulfillment of all components and 15 hours.
  3. Tally the total number of volunteers recruited from your CAC Volunteer Tracker Worksheet.
  4. Tally the total number of volunteer coaches recruited and trained for your CAC program.

Step 3 - Report the Data (2016-17 CAC Final Progress Report is due 6/30/17)