WSU Pullman wins the Western Region Campus-Community Partnership Award! (WACC VISTA-led)

The Palouse Fresh Food Project (PFFP) is an AmeriCorps VISTA-led project that builds on the service learning foundation of the Washington State University Center for Civic Engagement. PFFP connects students and campus resources to organizations addressing food insecurity on the Palouse, a predominately rural region in the northwest that encompasses parts of southeastern Washington and north central Idaho. Often characterized by its rolling green and golden hills, the Palouse region faces above average rates of food insecurity, with the most recent data from the Whitman County Needs Assessment estimating food insecurity rates to be as high as 19%. The PFFP was established in 2014 to find unique ways to address this critical issue from its core while bringing together stakeholders who are well established in the community. As an AmeriCorps VISTA program, sustainability continues to be at the forefront of every new initiative and partnerships between the university, local government, and non-profits are essential to their success. The PFFP works to improve the number and quality of student-led food drives, increase access to fresh local food, raise awareness about food insecurity, collaborate on internship development with community partners, and broaden the conversation about poverty and food insecurity through events on and off campus. The success of the PFFP is dependent upon strong collaborations with a multitude of stakeholders, and a commitment from the WSU community to not only engage with the surrounding community, but work to improve quality of life for all.

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