Sign Your Name: “Dear Congress, Support National Service!”

Washington Campus Compact has offered AmeriCorps and VISTA programs to our member institutions to support many student civic engagement initiatives for over 20 years. Campuses have been able to leverage these programs to build strong campus/community partnerships that focus on many critical issues in our state such as: improving student success for first generation students, increasing college access of low income youth, reducing poverty and improving food security to name a few.

President Trump’s budget proposes to eliminate funding for all national service programs including AmeriCorps and VISTA for FY 2018.

We need your support to convey to Congress the value and impact these programs have in our communities across our state. Please take a brief moment and sign this endorsement. A strong collective voice from Washington higher education leaders will be vital to our message to not only our Washington Congressional Delegation, but to all members of Congress who will be making decisions about the FY 2018 budget very soon.

Click here to sign in support of National Service!

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