2016-17 College Access Corps AmeriCorps Slot Available


Washington Campus Compact currently has an open College Access Corps (CAC) slot for the 2016-17 grant year that must be filled immediately. This is a great opportunity for Washington campuses interested in helping economically disadvantaged youth access higher education.

College Access Corps members can support both new and existing programs that serve economically disadvantaged youth’s college access efforts.  A College Access Corps member would serve full-time on your campus for 10 or 10.5 months.

Currently, we have College Access Corps members serving out of Admissions/Outreach Offices, Service-Learning Centers, Education/Environmental Education Departments, and many other offices at WACC member campuses throughout Washington state.

Please contact Patrick McGinty at 360-650-7257 or patrick.mcginty@wwu.edu for more information.

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