Annual Membership & Network Meeting

Annual Membership & Network Meeting Resources


Tania Mitchell:

  • Traditional vs. Critical Service-Learning: Engaging the Literature to Differentiate Two Models
  • Service Learning as a Pedagogy of Whiteness
  • Imagining America:

  • Full Participation: Building the Architecture for Diversity and Community Engagement in Higher Education

  • Powerpoint Presentations

    Session 1: Inward Pedagogy: Focus on critical service-learning/community based learning and research

  • Alternative Approaches to Traditional Pedagogy
  • Session 2: Partnership Level: Focus on partnership development

  • Partnership Level: Equity and Inclusion in Partnership Development
  • Session 3: Institutional Level: Focus on mission, culture, structures

  • Higher Education, Equity and Inclusion Headlines

  • Session Notes

  • Session 2: Ideas and Best Practices from Partnership Session