SSWA & Civic Engagement Meetings

The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA

Preparing Students for Civic Participation

You are invited! Presidents and chancellors from all higher education institutions in Washington are invited to participate in a statewide dialogue on “Preparing Students for Civic Participation.”

In today’s ever more polarized political landscape, higher education serves an essential role in preparing students to engage in our democracy. Democratic dialogue and deliberation help build civic capacities and consciences to tackle the most pressing and complex problems of today. How can we help build the capacities necessary for productive and meaningful dialogue and deliberation—critical thinking, empathic listening, creative problem solving, ethical leadership, collaboration, issue framing—for students, faculty, and our communities?

Higher education is sometimes criticized for lacking intellectual diversity. Does that criticism have merit? How can campuses encourage and support diversity of thought while building inclusive and welcoming learning environments?

Dr. Andrew Seligsohn, president of national Campus Compact will provide opening remarks.

Dr. Carolyn Long, Washington State University, Vancouver will serve as the facilitator for the conversation.

Event Details

Date: April 28, 2017
Where: The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA
Time: 10:30am-1pm

This event includes lunch and is open to presidents and chancellors only. Following the Presidents' Meeting, you are invited to a desert reception at 1:00PM and the Students Serving Washington Awards Ceremony from 2-4PM.

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