SSWA & Civic Engagement Meetings

The Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA

Statewide Civic Engagement Networking Meeting
Civic Engagement, Democracy, and Renewal

The Museum of Flight
North View Lounge
April 28, 2017
10:30am - 12:50pm



We live in turbulent times that challenge us personally and professionally. The political and social upheaval we are experiencing makes our work to connect our campuses and communities more important than ever. Yet, the issues we are encountering are increasingly complex and can test our ability to act with authenticity, compassion and courage. Through this gathering we will reflect personally and collectively on several questions including:

  • Is professional neutrality more or less important than it was a year ago? Is it even possible to be neutral?
  • How do we remain open to the ideas and experiences of all students while also protecting those that are the most vulnerable?
  • How do we avoid the pitfalls of burnout, cynicism and despair in order to rise to the leadership challenges that we are facing?
  • How can we keep students engaged productively in our democracy and create constructive dialogues with diverse perspectives?
  • How should we respond to issues of free speech and hate speech?

Who is Invited
  • Administrators, community service directors, and faculty involved in civic engagement on their campuses and in their communities
  • Must be from a Washington Campus Compact member institutions
Meeting Outcomes
  • Increase understanding of diverse issues facing campuses and communities
  • Learn how colleagues from across the state are facilitating civil discourse, managing difficult conversations, helping students understand the difference between free speech and hate speech
  • Identify renewal strategies for self, campus, and communities
Facilitators: Melanie Brown, Director, Center for Civic Engagement, Washington State University
                        Kent Koth, Executive Director, Center for Community Engagement, Seattle University

10:30am         Introductions and Framing the Discussion
  • Expectations for the day
  • Confidentiality
10:45am        Review discussion questions and collectively prioritize them for the meeting

11:00am        Discuss preferred questions

11:45-12:30   Lunch, continue discussions

12:30-12:50   Reflections and What's Next?

12:50-1:10     Event transition

After the meeting...

1:10pm          Meet with students, presidents, and quests at the Student Symposium (South View Lounge)

2:00-4:00       Students Serving Washington Awards Ceremony (Skyline Room)

4:00-4:30       Photos with students, presidents, and VIPs

4:30-5:00       Students will pack up their posters