Featured Tracks and Presentations

Morning Session: Cole Hoover - Social Entrepreneurship: An Evolving Partnership Between Faculty and Community Practitioners
This session will explore the intersection between classroom based instruction done by faculty members from a variety of disciplines and the ways it can support work done in the outside world through partnerships with practitioners. The focus will be a discussion around topics ripe for application in the areas of social and environmental impact.

Afternoon Session: Dan Purdy and Heather Davidson - Creating Community through Interdisciplinary Social Entrepreneurship
Learn interdisciplinary strategies to support local grassroots organizations through the development of sustainable annual fundraising events using service­learning as a conduit for social entrepreneurship and civic engagement. Includes resources for enacting community connections and fostering cohesion among diverse student teams.

Morning Session: Ken Cohen - Talking Trash: Culture, Waste, and Opportunities - From Seattle to Zanzibar
The tide of environmental degradation is compounded by cultural patterns that impede the necessary responses to stem the tide and constrain opportunities to reconcile cultural imperatives with environmentally responsible living. Through research based in Asia, Africa, and Central America, this presentation will examine the cultural dimensions of waste and how western practices generate both opportunities and threats to our collective well-being.

Afternoon Session: Francene Watson - Growing Community: Sustainability and Place­based Teacher Education
Locally, a key competency for effective teaching holds that educators prepare students "to be responsible citizens for an environmentally sustainable, globally interconnected, and diverse society." Through group inquiry, this session will explore possibilities as a teacher preparation program works to make changes to manifest such a vision.

Morning Session: Heather Davidson - The Empathy Emphasis: Communicating Connectedness
Using empathy as a pedagogical cornerstone cultivates quality course and community outcomes and encourages students to consider social justice at the core of meaningful participation in a diverse society. Case studies and poignant activities provide tools for to those looking to subtly normalize diversity and enhance service­learning experiences.

Afternoon Session: Matt Munson, Daniel Griesbach, Melody Schneider: Tunnel of Intersections - A Campus Event To Strengthen our Diverse Community
This session re­creates vignettes from the Tunnel of Intersections, a campus event that aimed to start a dialogue on the intersecting identities and unrecognized forms of oppression that affect our campus community members. Participants will leave with a Tunnel experience and tools to plan similar exhibits for their educational communities.